Investment Services Forms

ACH Form for Automatic Deposits (Non-Custodial Accounts Only)

Authorization to Change Financial Professional

Consent to Electronic Delivery

Custodial or Brokerage Re-Registration

Custodial or Brokerage to Non-Custodial or Brokerage Re-Registration

Email Change Authorization

Fund 36 Reinvestment Discontinuation

Fund 36 Reinvestment

Home or Distribution Address Change

Investor Profile Change

Non-Custodial or Brokerage to Custodial or Brokerage Re-Registration

Re-Registration Instructions and Request

Repurchase Instructions and Request

Repurchase Upon Death Instructions and Request

July 2020 Repurchase COVID-19 Letter

Request to Reissue Distribution Check

Secondary Sale Transfer

Survivorship Contact Instructions

TOD (Transfer On Death)

If you are an Accredited Investor or Financial Professional, and have questions or would like more information, you may contact AEI Investor Services at 8003283519.