Private Funds

AEI has an extensive track-record of offering investors access to institutional-quality real estate through private placement fund structures. Although each private fund is different, they share one commonality: their investment mandates reflect AEI’s collective experience, core competencies, and ability to apply its strategic advantages.

Our private fund strategy is to invest in specific sectors where we possess deep expertise. This allows investment managers to make a tactical, and oftentimes complementary, allocation amongst other alternative investment options. Our offerings invest in real assets leased to resilient health systems, select life-sciences tenants, and essential retail operators. AEI uses its skills to acquire, and thoughtfully aggregate, assets throughout the United States. AEI is well positioned to capitalize on multiple social and economic market forces in these sectors.

AEI’s private funds are designed for investors who seek:

  • Durable and consistent income
  • Lower volatility and correlation to the public markets
  • Capital preservation with income potential
  • An inflation hedge through contractual rent growth
  • Exposure to the growing, and resilient healthcare asset class
  • Tax benefits unique to private real estate

1031 Exchanges

Section 1031 of the IRS Code allows an owner of eligible property to complete a tax-deferred exchange by purchasing “like-kind” replacement property with the property sales proceeds. Such a transaction potentially allows deferral of up to 100% of the capital gains taxes otherwise due on the property sale.

The IRS defines “like-kind” as any property owned for business or investment purposes. This includes raw land, farmland, residential rental and commercial properties. IRS Section 1031 does not apply to the exchange of stocks or bonds.

AEI’s DST Advantage

Our net-leased commercial properties are especially suitable as replacement property for those completing tax-advantaged 1031 exchanges. AEI was one of the first asset management firms in America to obtain a favorable IRS private letter ruling with respect to 1031 exchanges and we have successfully offered more than 110 1031 exchange offerings over our firm’s history.

Our DST offerings allow investors access to institutional quality, and sometimes inaccessible, real estate through fractional ownership. Once each project is closed, investors benefit from AEI’s in-house asset and portfolio management expertise.

Joint Ventures

With more than 50 years of fiduciary experience, AEI is uniquely positioned to invest and actively manage assets alongside select institutions, family offices, and high-net worth individuals. Under this strategy, AEI leverages its deep tenant relationships, off-market pursuit team, and its asset management platform to create value for our limited partners.

Our joint venture program is immediately focused on acquiring strategic healthcare and life sciences real estate throughout the country. Under this structure, AEI leads all investment and day-to-day activities on behalf of its limited partners and is adept at customizing all processes, and reports to fit each partner’s needs.