AEI: Where values make a difference

At AEI, we believe core values are essential. They are the foundation of our company culture and the driving force behind our success. We are committed to creating a workplace where our employees can thrive and do their best work. AEI promotes its employees to live and demonstrate its core values in relationships, integrity, collaboration, hard work, excellence, and service.

These values are not just words on a page. They are lived out every day by our employees. They are what make AEI a great place to work and what makes us a successful commercial real estate sponsor. Our core values are:


We value strong relationships with our colleagues, clients, and partners. We are committed to treating each other with respect, trust, and compassion. Having open-minded communication with humility and sincerity is fundamental.


We are committed to doing what is right, even when it is difficult. We are honest, ethical, and transparent in our dealings with others.


We are stronger together than we are apart. We are committed to working together to achieve common goals. Having fun and working as a team player to help clients and co-workers achieve goals is essential.

Hard Work

Hard work is essential to success. We are committed to giving our best effort in everything we do. We are disciplined and dedicated to achieving our mission while creating an optimal work-life balance.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We are professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and produce quality work.


We have a responsibility to serve others in their best interests. We are committed to helping our clients and partners achieve their goals. We act as fiduciaries by putting our client’s interests first in every decision.