Sell Your Property To AEI!

AEI is focused on acquiring freestanding, single tenant, net leased properties occupied by tenants of investment grade credit quality.

We have immediate cash for current purchases and forward commitments. All properties purchased by AEI are in or near prominent retail or medical areas.

AEI net lease property acquisitions generally range from $3.0 Million to $15 Million. AEI prefers to be the first owner of newly developed properties. Having executed more than 430 acquisitions in 41 states, we have an established track record of meeting deadlines, as well as capital and financial objectives.

If you are a preferred developer for build-to-suit projects, and you want a permanent "take out" buyer or construction financing source in front of your development, call AEI. Tell us about your goals and we can create a funding package that fits your needs.

Contact AEI Acquisitions at 800-328-3519.