Founded in 1970, AEI brings decades of professional expertise to the management of net lease property investment. Our expertise is directed at stable income, low volatility, capital appreciation and reduced risk.

To own net leased properties, AEI prefers a large portfolio of attractive, income-producing real estate. Net leased properties are especially suitable for tax advantaged 1031 exchanges. AEI was the first investment firm in America to obtain a favorable IRS private letter ruling with respect to its 1031 exchanges.

AEI Capital Corporation (ACC)
The parent company of all AEI entities, except AEI Fund Management, Inc.

AEI Fund Management, Inc. (AFM)
Provides all of its administration and management services and personnel.

AEI Securities, Inc. (AEI)
A FINRA member firm serving as the dealer-manager of its investment activities. It is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

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AEI Exchange Services, Inc. (AES)
Provides account administrative services for tenant-in-common (TIC) property owners.

AEI Trust Advisors, Inc.
Provides management services for Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) property owners.